Oral health and eating on the wild side

Oral health and eating on the wild side

Eating on the Wild Side

Recently I read a book by Jo Robinson entitled “Eating on the Wild Side”. Basically it’s a well-researched exploration of the evolution of most of the fruits and vegetables we consume. It’s a fascinating read if you have an interest in food. It describes how through decades of cross-breeding and tampering with our food to make it look more appealing, taste sweeter and last longer on store shelves, we have basically destroyed much of the nutritional value of the fruits and veggies we eat.

Some of you may have realized since my feature article in the Doylestown Hospital “Dialogue” magazine, that I am somewhat of a closet “foodie”! It seems that everyone these days is on some kind of special diet, whether it’s the Paleo diet, the Mediterranean diet, or some blend of vegan-vegetarian regime. I myself have been trying to stick to a pescatarian diet (fish and vegetables) ever since the “pink slime” Incident a few years ago gave a black eye to the meat packing industry.

Regardless, talking about one’s personal eating habits is akin to trying to have a rational discussion about politics or religion these days. And what, if anything, does any of this have to do with dentistry? Well, what we consume can have a definite contributory effect on our oral health.

Watch for an upcoming blog on foods that can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. If you have questions that just can’t wait…please give me a call at the office at 216-230-7667. or contact Dr. Laurence Stone in Doylestown, PA today to schedule your next appointment and we can talk more about this. Until then…happy dining!


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