What you need to know about Triclosan

What you need to know about Triclosan


Recently the news has been abuzz with reports about the purported health consequences of triclosan, an FDA approved antibacterial agent used in some of the Colgate toothpastes for years. I’m sure that Colgate’s’ competitors are having a “field day” with this development! I’ve even seen ads on TV touting products that specifically do not contain triclosan.

In any event, I am including the following letter from Colgate regarding the facts of the controversy and would specifically direct your attention to the arrows below regarding safety. For now at least, I am sticking with Colgate. If my opinion changes I will let you know. As always though, you are free to form your own opinions.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me or the office, Dr. Laurence Stone in Doylestown, PA, today to schedule your next appointment and we can talk more about this. See you soon!

Best wishes,

Larry Stone

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Dear Colleague, Colgate
Every day you make recommendations for your patient’s home care
based on scientific evidence, your professional experience and patient
needs. Here are the facts:
1 Colgate Total® is the toothpaste most recommended and used by
dental professionals in the USA.*
2 Colgate Total helps prevent, treat and reverse gingivitis. It reduces
90% more germs that cause gingivitis than regular toothpaste.**
3 Colgate Total is one of the most extensively tested and
researched toothpastes in the world. Read More >
4 90 clinical studies, over 20 years and 20,000 subjects support
Colgate Total’s safety and efficacy.
5 A 2013 independent systematic review by the Cochrane Oral
Health Group
affirmed the superiority of triclosan/copolymer on
several measures of plaque and gingivitis compared to regular
toothpaste. It also concluded there was no evidence of any harmful
effects. The review included 30 studies of up to 3 years in duration,
between 1990 to 2012, involving 14,835 participants. Read More >
6 Colgate Total is accepted by the ADA and over 40 dental
associations worldwide. Read More >
7 Colgate Total is the only FDA approved toothpaste through the
rigorous new drug application process – the same process used to
review the safety of prescription drugs.
8 Regulatory agencies in the United States, Australia, Canada
and Europe have conducted their own reviews of Colgate Total, and
in every case, have affirmed its safety and effectiveness in
fighting gingivitis.
For more of the science and facts please visit:
See the Science
Safety and Efficacy
Systematic Review
Dr. Barbara Shearer, BDS MDS, PhD
Dr. Barbara Shearer, BDS MDS, PhD
Director, Scientific Affairs
*Professional Tracking Study, Ipsos, 2013
**12 hours after brushing. Data on file.
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