Charcoal Toothpastes to Clean Teeth?

Charcoal Toothpastes to Clean Teeth?

There are now more than 50 toothpastes available in the U.S. containing charcoal in one form or another offering health and cosmetic benefits not available in other toothpastes. Manufacturers are making claims that these dentifrices can reduce tooth decay, help with tooth remineralization and even improve whitening of teeth.

While only 4 of these toothpastes were found to contain fluoride, a recent exhaustive search of the literature found the truth on all these positive claims to be quite the opposite!

  1. There are no lab studies or any scientific evidence to support any of these claims. In fact, many of these products will do exactly the opposite!
  2. It is a well establishes fact that charcoal contains various polyaromatic hydrocarbons, some of which are regarded as human carcinogens!!

Avoid any toothpastes or other oral health care products containing charcoal in any form!
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