Dental Savings Plan - Save on Your Dental Visits with an In-House Plan

Dental Savings Plan - Save on Your Dental Visits with an In-House Plan

Dental Savings Plan

I remember practicing in an office in Southampton in the 70’s before there was dental insurance on the East Coast. No one really knew if it was going to be a good thing or not. (Dental insurance had been available for about 10 years in California before heading east.) Well, now here we are almost 40 years later and honestly, I still can’t tell you if dental insurance has been a good thing or not.

I suppose if you had it through an employer and were able to take advantage of it, then yes, it was good for you. But in most plans there are so many limitations, exclusions, participating/non-participating dentists, etc. that it is sometimes difficult to realize any significant benefit.

That’s why we started our own “in-house dental savings plan” for those of our patients that don’t have dental insurance. For a fixed fee you are guaranteed to save on your routine cleanings, X-rays, exams and fluoride treatments each year. In addition, you are guaranteed 15% off ANY additional services provided here with NO limitations, exclusions, pre-authorizations, etc.

When you consider that there is no catastrophic downside in dentistry and that no dental insurance company has ever lost a nickel on a dental plan, you can begin to understand that just having “dental insurance” is no guarantee that your needs will be met.

You can read more about the program in the Insurance section of my site. If you would like to see how this program can work for you, just call the office (215-230-7667) and ask to speak to Laura, my Treatment Coordinator. See you soon!

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